Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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I like PDFtoExcel a lot because it’s one of the few converters that enable online document processing and certainly the most accurate one. And of course I’m happy with the fact that it’s free and doesn’t contain any ads.



PDFtoExcel is a great converter considering the fact that all you need to process a file is have your device connected to the Internet. It worked perfectly well for every PDF I’ve uploaded.



Simple and accurate. Allows you to export any PDF to an XLSX file in seconds. Great app if you’re looking for a quick and secure way to convert files on your hard drive. It’s also possible to make edits to a PDF you upload.



I mostly use the app to process documents stored on my Google Drive. Works perfectly well on each of my devices, both desktop and mobile. Seems like it’s the most user-friendly online converter on the Web.



I didn’t know how to change the format of my PDFs to Excel online until I found this converter. Now I’m able to view and edit Excel documents on my Windows PC without effort. Very useful and precise. Strongly recommended!



Great app, especially if you’re a mobile device user. Simple and intuitive interface. Swift and smooth. It doesn’t matter how large your PDF is, or how many PDFs you wish to convert - with PDFtoExcel you will get the resulting file in seconds.



I enjoyed working with the app a lot. Wasn’t expecting to process my PDF so quickly. It’s especially nice to have an option of sharing files immediately after you process them. From now on, I can skip unnecessary downloads and simply forward documents to my business partners.



I use PDFtoExcel to transform a large PDF document with spreadsheets to XLS format and I must say it’s very accurate. The quality is amazing! Wasn’t expecting it from such a simple online converter!



Simple and user-friendly service. No software downloads required. Works equally well on mobile and desktop devices. Doesn’t consume any storage space. Couldn’t ask for more!